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good morning, america. i'm bianna golodryga. >> and i'm dan harris. this is saturday, september 4th. >> this morning, breaking news. a weakened but potent earl slams into new england, bringing powerful winds, heavy rains and towering waves with it. we're live across the northeast. what happens to president obama's so-called recovery summary? new numbers show more job losses. and now, the president says he has a new plan to revive the economy. but can it pass? and will it work? tense moments. newly-released 911 calls from the discovery building hostage
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standoff. it shows how dangerous the situation was. and need for speed. erin andrews takes us inside a nascar race car as it hits top speeds. can she handle 4 gs at 170 miles per hour? good morning, america. and good morning, dan harris. just back from iraq. where you were covering the official end to the combat mission there. >> thank you. i was back here. want to talk about the weather this weekend. hurricane earl is now tropical storm earl. it moved past long island about 8:00 p.m. last night. 11:00 p.m., it was downgraded to a tropical storm, with sustained winds at 70 miles per hour. it was that strength it swept by cape cod and nantucket. >> so, the good news is that storm wasn't that bad. no hurricane-force winds. no widespread damage. the bad news is that the storm
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has created serious migraines on this labor day weekend, with travel delays, dangerous 15-foot waves in some areas and a ton of rain in new england. in north carolina this morning, they're trying to get those flooded roads open again, so vacationers can get back out to the outer banks. now, we're hearing that there are two more storm systems teed up out in the atlantic. we'll have more on that coming up. we have reporters out across the northeast. we begin with linsey davis, who was up all night, weathering the storm in massachusetts. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. the water has calmed down considerably. and the really good news, there's nothing but blue sky. we are starting to see sunshine come in this direction. many people are waking up here this morning saying, what storm? and i changed my labor day plans for what, exactly? cape cod has weathered nor'easters much tougher than earl. the winds and waves swelled for several hours friday night,
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pounding the new england coast with what was billed as the roughest summer storm in nearly 20 years. just before midnight, it was downgraded from a hurricane to a tropical storm. but from where we stood, it was hard to tell. it's just a little bit after 11:30 at night. and what a difference here. the rain, the wind, the surf, all really picking up. and that's with earl still about 90 miles southeast of here. we're expecting it to arrive in about two hours and really get the brunt of it then. it will be carrying with it up to 70-mile-per-hour winds. the big wallop we were expecting veered northeast quickly. and spared much of new england. cape cod in particular, which was expected to get hit hardest. shelters were set up for worst-case scenarios. >> cape coders, like most new englanders, are hearty people. and they're not going to go to a shelter unless they absolutely have to. >> reporter: fortunately, most
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won't have to. >> steve, you were here on vacation. >> reporter: wcbb reporter, steve lacy, was on vacation, in the thick of the weather, in nantucket. >> i think what will be interesting for me like me on vacation, through labor day, they're going to have beautiful weather. except for the hurricane. that one day between. >> reporter: now, there are a few isolated power outages and some minor flooding. but the really bad news is for the businesses here. many of the hotels are only at 50% occupancy. the good news is that people coming at the last minute, they can still get a hotel on cape cod. and the chamber of commerce tells me that there's hundreds of weddings planned for cape cod today, in particular. so, a lot of happy brides, much relieved. dan? >> i can imagine how nervous those brides have been over recent days. linsey, thank you. earl, by the way, is moving northeast up toward nova scotia and maine. there are tropical storm warnings for much of coastal
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maine. and russ merrilly, who is the chief meteorologist for wmtw, is out on the coast. he joins us from harpswell. >> reporter: tropical storm earl is quickly on its way to maine this morning. it has low impact on the coast of maine. down to a light, drizzly rain right now. winds picking up a little bit. we're expecting clearing later today. again, tropical storm earl has been a fairly low-impact storm here along the coast of maine. we're looking for clearing skies later this afternoon. >> russ, thank you. as we said, the most serious damage earl did was to people's labor day vacation plans. amtrak canceled trains and suspended service between new york and boston. southwest airlines canceled 65 flights. while continental canceled about 60 departures from its hub at newark's liberty airport. and marysol castro is in
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montauk, new york, with more on the travel angle. >> good morning, everyone. here at ditch plains, the aftermath. here, a lot washed ashore on the beaches and throughout the city streets. the other question was the rough surf. at the height of the storm, 30-mile-per-hour to 40-mile-per-hour wind gusts. and rough seas. 14 16-foot seas. the seas are still angry. there's a few brave souls out there. but this is much calmer than what we saw overnight. heavy rain drenched long island, as earl pushed northward. massive waves scattering debris along the shoreline. nature's wrath making the roads unsafe. hundreds of vacationers here in montauk are holed up in their hotel rooms, as the driving rain and wind pass through. last-minute emergency preparation include sandbags. one hotel went so far as to distribute glow sticks in each and every hotel room, in the event of a power outage. earlier in this parking lot, a
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giant surge crashed over the dunes, nearly swamping our cameraman. a similar wave here pushed this tree trunk ashore, injuring a 5-year-old girl. as high tide approached, town police ushered onlookers inside to safety. >> let's go, guys. >> reporter: while thrill-seeking kite surfers got the ride of their lives. the storm mostly spared maryland and new jersey's coastline friday, when a cold front and jet stream shifted earl out into the atlantic. >> this is my first hurricane. i was expecting more wind and more rain. >> reporter: north carolina sustained minimal damage in the outer banks. flooding up to three feet was reported in the hardest-hit areas, along with scattered power outages and this damaged gas station. >> it's not as bad as it could have been. could have been a lot worse. >> reporter: 100,000 people were ordered to evacuate. as the storm moved away, residents and business owners
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were encouraged to come back. >> we dodged a bullet, purely and simply. >> yeah. they may have dodged a bullet. but we're at the peak of hurricane season. as we show you on the maps, we're keeping an eye on two, separate systems. the first one is a tropical low. if it develops into anything, right now in the atlantic. it will become tropical storm gaston. and closer to the coast of africa, we're keeping an eye on another system. we have a few days out until that turns into anything. if it does develop into a storm, that will be tropical storm hermine. we'll keep an eye on all of this for you. i'll have my regular forecast later for you in the show. dan? >> i'll take that, mary. thank you. new zealand is also dealing with a major natural disaster. a magnitude 7.1 earthquake hit the country's second-biggest city, christ churchchurch, in materially morning hours. nick schifrin has the latest from london.
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good morning, nick. >> reporter: it was the most destructive earthquake to hit that area in 80 years. and today, the prime minister is saying that the damages that that quake caused are probably about $1.5 billion. new zealand is in a state of emergency. a violent, powerful earthquake damaged hundreds of buildings, crumpled at least six bridges. twisted railroads and burst water mains, submerging entire villages. >> that shake lasted probably over a minute. we've got no power. we've got no water. >> i heard people screaming. and maybe a child crying. >> this one, it felt really huge. you know, if it had gone on any longer, any stronger, the walls could have caved in of our house. >> this is it. >> reporter: the earthquake seen in this home video, hit in the middle of the night. this man's house survived. but the infrastructure damaged
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is widespread. many buildings caught fire. and rescue teams are searching for people who might still be trapped. the quake was as large as the one that killed more than 200,000 in haiti. but here, nobody died. and most buildings didn't collapse, thanks to new zealand's strong construction codes. >> i think we've been extremely lucky, as a nation, that there has been so far no reported fatalities. i think that's -- >> reporter: and in new zealand tonight, there will be a curfew, after reports that the mood in the city is, quote, frantic. the people lining outside of gas stations. and nobody without any power or water. dan? >> nick, thank you. that's nick schifrin in london, this morning. now, to an unpleasant bit of irony as we head into labor day, as we honor the country's workers. new job work numbers show more people out of work. the unemployment rate rose to 9.6%. and nearly 15 million people are
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now unemployed in this country. so, what happened to what the obama administration had been calling the recovery summer? our david kerley is in washington, d.c. this morning on that story. david, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. not much of a recovery. the numbers weren't as bad as expected. but they're not really good. this holiday weekend, the white house is working overtime, trying to come up with a new plan to stimulate some job growth before november's election. the numbers aren't great. unemployment up. more jobs lost than gained last month, with census workers being laid off. but the president didn't mention that. only highlighting the 67,000 jobs added in the private sector. >> that's good news. and it's part of the steps taken to break the back of this recession. but it's not good enough. >> reporter: a sign of how difficult it is to find good news in the numbers. >> we've lowered the bar in the economy so low, that it's not hard to exceed that hurdle. the hurdle is now the ground.
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>> reporter: so much for recovery summer. the president is now ready to do more. >> i will be addressing a broader package of ideas next week. >> reporter: in a speech and news conference next week, the president will lay out his new economic package. and you will not hear the word stimulus. >> stimulus these days is a dirty word. people associate it with bailouts. and the original bailout package, as big as it was, just didn't work. >> reporter: the president will undoubtedly call on congress to give tax and loan breaks to small business. also under consideration, a payroll tax holiday. if an employer hires a new worker, they won't have to pay payroll taxes temporarily. and will the president let the bush tax cuts expire for those making more than $250,000 a year? >> everybody will be doing all they can to lower taxes. nobody wants to go to the polls looking like they raised taxes or defending an increase in
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taxes at this stage of the game. >> reporter: so, expect a very big week, talking about the economy from the white house and the president. he started it this morning in his weekly address. he says his policies, so far, have at least stopped the bleeding in the economy. >> okay, david. thank you. and for more on the president's latest plans to jump-start the economy, let's bring in chief economics correspondent for "the wall street journal," jon hilsenrath, joining us from washington. good to see you, jon. >> thanks, bianna. >> let's walk through this. we saw more private jobs added than expected. that led to a major rally on wall street. how should main street be reacting to this report, though? >> this is consistent with a lot of other things that we've seen which suggests, "a," the economy is not going into a double-dip recession. that's the good news. but the bad news is, the recovery is so slow, that it's barely creating any jobs. 67,000 is not enough to get the unemployment rate down. so, we're in a long, hard slog.
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and it's not going to improve anytime soon. and certainly, not, i don't think, with the another short-term stimulus plan. >> the focus turns to the president. what we're going to hear from him next week. a lot of pressure about putting something more out there to stimulate this economy. what can he really do? and what do you expect to hear next week? >> you laid it out in your package. the talk is of some short-term tax stimulus. it's interesting that the president, even before the election, we're seeing that the president has to start competing on republican ground. we're talking, now, about tax cuts and not spending. but frankly, what i see here is a distraction. the economy has long-term problems. and that's one of the things that's been demonstrated in the last few months. and most particularly, a long-term deficit problem. and no one's talking about that. no one is talking about what they are -- what washington is going to do to reduce, over the
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long run, a budget deficit which has the potential to hold the economy back. >> clearly, that's an issue. but most americans are concerned about the short-term and getting a job. i want to go through what at least was an encouraging sign in this jobs report. that's the number of people out of work for six months or longer. went down slightly. is that encouraging? or is that a sign of people giving up and not looking for work? >> i'm glad you picked up on that, bianna. i picked that out as one of the things that is potentially encouraging. it's bad news when people stay out of work for a long time. research has shown the longer you're out of work, the harder it is to get back into work. we've seen some of that decline for the last few months. some of it might be because people, like you say, are just dropping out of the workforce. it's possible that there are other factors. you know, it is the case that there was a tax credit -- tax stimulus passed this summer that
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gave employers to hire people that were out of work for a long time. we're seeing improvement about that. that's something to be encouraged about. again, there's a really, really long way to come out of that. there's a lot of people watching this, saying i've been out of work for 12 months. where's mine? we saw small improvements. not a lot of big ones. >> we touched on the yishl of a double-dip recession. in your view, do you think that's dissipated? >> i do think it's dissipated. the fears of it have dissipated. the stock market has stabilized. the job market, really, it didn't contract all summer. it's been teetering along. so, hopefully what's going to happen over the next few months is some of the fears that we had this summer are going to dissipate. things will stabilize and confidence will slowly build. but this brings me back to the point i was making before. i don't know that it improves business confidence and consumer confidence to see the guys in washington lurching from one
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policy to another. scrambling to come up with something to get things right. i think there needs to be some long-term planning about problems that the economy's facing. that can't happen until after the election. and we know who's running congress. >> that's right. all eyes will be on that election. thanks for joining us. we appreciate it, jon. >> thank you. >> if more americans are starting to get jobs, their wages aren't necessarily increasing, either. that's another factor people are concerned about. >> as you point out, tough to get anything done during the political silly season. now, let's go to a man who is anything but silly. >> good morning, dan. good morning, everyone. the security company blackwater is accused of creating a network of more than 30 shell companies to try to get millions of dollars in federal contracts. "the new york times" reports that the network of fronts was the shell companies were allegedly created after
7:18 am
blackwater lost its government contract after killings of iraqi civilians and other abuses. a suicide bombing in pakistan killed at least 65 people and wounded 150 others. the explosion targeted shiite muslims on a religious procession on friday. the taliban takes responsibility for that attack. and bp has removed the damaged blowout preventer from massive oil spill. the preventer failed to stop oil from gushing into the gulf. it's been raised to the surface as part of the investigation into the spill. and two former workers at the iowa farm involved in the giant egg recall, say they reported violations such as leaking manure and dead chickens to the usda, the agriculture department. but nothing was done. the usda said their workers were only supposed to judge the quality of eggs. and the food and drug administration is responsible for safety. and investigators say a fire in tennessee was arson. the future mosque faced local a 20,000 reward is offered to information leading to an
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finally, zebras. zebras on the streets of moscow. or at least horses painted to look like zebras. the animals were stationed at school crossings around the city, in an effort to get drivers to watch more closely and more carefully for children. see if that works out. >> i love the creative russians. the russian mind. >> pretty wild. >> national pride that you're feeling. >> i'm all-american pride here. >> keep you updated on the story. >> right. follow that for us. marysol, don't know if you heard that. if there's any zebras crossing out in montauk. but fill us in on the rest of the weather. >> one never knows what one might come across here in montauk. but today, for sure, lots of sunshine. it's absolutely gorgeous. and this will be the picture up and down the northeast for today in the wake of tropical storm earl. it's going to be beautiful. lots of sunny skies. boston, checking in at 85 degrees. here in montauk, 82.
7:20 am
8 in nags head, north carolina. we're keeping an eye on some of the rough surf. for the most part, gorgeous. maine, you're going to see afternoon showers. elsewhere in the nation, the southwest, by contrast is sweltering. very hot. very dry. heat warnings in las vegas. 107 in las vegas. 108 in phoenix. >> good morning. a delightful morning in the nation's capital. 74 degrees. do 0.45. those winds are up to 25 miles per hour. yesterday, we made it up to 91 degrees. nothing like hurricane earl now. the tropical storm is moving quickly towards of nova scotia. it will not affect us this weekend.
7:21 am
thanks so much. more on your saturday forecast later on in the show. dan and bianna? >> mary, thank you. coming up on "gma," chilling 911 tapes shed new light on the tense hostage drama at the discovery channel the world watched unfold for four hours. a lot of people love nascar. but few of us get to ride in one of the cars. dale jarrett takes our erin andrews on a little test drive at about 200 miles per hour. well-being. we're all striving for it. purina cat chow helps you urture it in your cat with a full family of excellent nutrition and helpful resources. purina cat chow. share a better life.
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our family-owned company makes daisy... with 100% natural farm-fresh cream. no artificial ingredients. no preservatives. and no added hormones. ♪ daisy, do-do a dollop >> good morning. what a wonderful labor day weekend we have on tap. when you step outside this morning, a revelation. look at the dew point.
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in the 40's and 50's. through the day today, big picture -- high temperature 90 degrees. the seasonal averages 83. we should be closer to that one. we can see that hurricane earl is now a tropical storm moving well to the northeast over nova scotia. that cold front will be scouring out any residual humidity. which means a delightful day today and tomorrow. breezy, winds up to 30 miles per hour. tomorrow, more sunshine. then on labor day itself, temperatures in the mid-80's. temperatures still comfortable out there. look at some warmer temperatures out there. look at some warmer temperatures mid-week on tuesday.
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that is the aftermath of earl, up and down the east coast. it is now a tropical storm, moving northeast off the coast of maine towards canada. we're live from cape cod, which got hit with driving rain, heavy winds and huge waves overnight. good morning, america. i'm bianna golodryga. >> and i'm dan harris. it is saturday, september 4th. as you mentioned, i just got back from iraq, where it was 120 degrees. and i come home to a tropical storm. >> bad weather follows you everywhere. >> it does. also this morning, we have the 911 tapes from the hostage standoff at the discovery
7:31 am
channel this week. the tapes paint a picture of panic and hysteria. but also a methodical plan by police to take the gunman down. and it turns out that labor day is a big shopping weekend, in the malls and online, especially if struck in with rain in the northeast. we'll show you how to find the best labor day sales on clothes to electronics. we asked "gma" special contributor erin andrews to get into a car, going nearly 200 miles per hour. she was chauffeured by a nascar legend. we begin with the latest on earl, now a tropical storm, moving quickly past the coast of maine, headed toward nova scotia. over night, martha's vineyard, cape cod and nantucket got the worst of the storm. linsey davis has been up all night. and she joins us. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. nothing but blue skies and sunshine right now. few scattered clouds. but those are expected to go away in the next few hours.
7:32 am
many of the husbands who made their wives hunker down and stick out this storm on the cape, they're pretty much looking like heroes today. it very easily could have gone the other way. while earl didn't quite live up to its billing as the monster storm that posed the biggest threat to new england in 20 years, it did certainly cause some damage. some incredibly rough surf. cases of flooding and power outages. we still don't know the economic fallout, as vacations were shortened or canceled in the popular resort areas along the cape. but the businesses looking to profit from the final weekend of summer, they weren't exactly hung out to dry. after all, the forecast for saturday and sunday, sunshine here. i've heard storms described as a big, wet kiss. it seems like that's what cape cod got last night. >> linsey davis, for covering that kiss for us. thank you very much. moving on to the hostage crisis. the 911 tapes have just been released. they give you a sense of the hysteria and the panic of that
7:33 am
day. jeremy hubbard has been listening to the tapes. and they give some insight into how the police went to taking the gunman down. >> that's right. some of the discovery channel workers, calling 911, knew the suspect. he was a familiar and unwelcome presence around the building. at one point, a security guard told 911 operators, you're probably going to need a sniper. and the tapes reveal just how methodical officers needed to be to take out the gunman because he essentially had an ied strapped to his body. it was a harrowing four hours, that began when activist james lee walked into the discovery building in silver spring, maryland, armed and ready. >> reporter: tapes from the terrifying ordeal have just been released. one after another, discovery channel employees called 911.
7:34 am
the gunman was a self-proclaimed -- obviously having troubles with that tape. we can tell you that four explosive devices were found inside the home where lee rented or roomed. and we also know that the end of the hostage drama would have been much more deadly than it was -- could have been much more deadly than it was. two discovery employees and a security guard were ready to make a break for it when police made their move and shot lee dead, ending the four-hour ordeal. it could have been a lot worse. >> you were overseas. when it was playing out here, everyone was glued to the television. thankfully no one was injured. terrifying to watch. back to ron. the other headlines for us. >> good morning, everyone. in the news, the latest federal jobs report showed the private sector added 67,000 workers in august. but the loss of more than 100,000 temporary census jobs pushed the unemployment rate up. in new zealand, a skydiving plane after takeoff crashed. all nine people aboard were
7:35 am
killed. cyclist floyd landis have call a whistleblower law on lance armstrong. landis stands to gain financially if he wince that lawsuit. twin giant pandas have made their debut at a zoo in japan. the brother and sister were born on august 11th. now, to marysol on montauk with the weather. mary? >> good morning, everyone. still windy here in montauk. but gorgeous. completely different picture overnight. in the outer banks of north carolina, they saw a brunt of what was hurricane earl. this is kill devil hills, north carolina. dealt a real powerful blow. 80-mile-per-hour winds. 15-foot seas, causing a lot of structural damage in and around the outer banks. today will be a much different story. much nicer in north carolina. we track earl, a tropical storm now. it continues to weaken. it's traveling quickly at 30
7:36 am
miles per hour, in a northeasterly direction, heading towards nova scotia. expected to make landfall later on today. elsewhere in the nation, it's just an absolutely gorgeous day for most of you. in the midwest, it feels a lot like fall. minneapolis, checking in at 67. denver, very warm, 98. starts to cool off in seattle. 64 degrees. down the coast into sa >> good morning. what a delightful weekend we have on tap today. today, tomorrow, and monday, low humidity throughout. high temperatures only in the upper 70's tomorrow. warmer o thanks so much. this weather report has been brought to you by kellogg's rice crispy treats. dan and bianna, i hope i don't blow away.
7:37 am
>> i was happy to see you put your hair back. >> she is on one of my favorite beaches in the world, on montauk. >> it is beautiful. it's good to see they didn't have worse weather. coming up on "good morning america," labor day steals and deals. we'll tell you where to find the best bargains if you're planning on retail therapy this weekend. plus, erin andrews gets a ride along with a nascar legend. she survived. and she's live in atlanta to tell us all about it. re. what about your... mom, i got it. ♪ [ female announcer ] they're never too big for a little something sweet. kellogg's rice krispies treats. as a va doctor, i have more time to spend with my patients. and that's the kind of attention our veterans deserve.
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labor day weekend is traditionally an important one for retailers. whether it's for last-minute back-to-school shopping or bargain-hunters seeking the perfect sale. now, more than ever, american consumers are searching for the best deals they can get. where can you find them? how can you find them? "lucky" magazine style contributor lori mato is here to tell us how. >> thanks for having me. >> first of all, clothes. >> this is like shoppers' heaven this weekend. the first deal i found, was at old navy. on, 20% off your entire purchase. that's a huge savings. the sale does not stop there. all week long, they'll have a
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labor day deals week. every, single day, you have to sign up for their e-mail. they'll let you know. 10% off this. 40% off this. all different things. for kids. for men. for women. you cannot go wrong. >> american eagle outfitters. old navy. like you mentioned, back-to-school season. obviously looking for last-minute shopping. but adults can find great deals, too. >> they can. and you mentioned american eagle. 20% off the entire purchase. that's a great thing. you go on the online, if you go to the store, they have fun deals. buy one tank top, 50% off. and if you're into jewelry, like you and i are -- >> we were discussing. >> we were. you can go to bloomingdale's. they have 50% fine label jewelry. i'm not talking about $20 necklace. i'm talking about diamond earrings, under $50. >> americans are nesting. spending more time at home. they're home shopping. you can get really good prices.
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what do we have here? >> exactly. for the everyday shopper, crate & barrel have 50% off outlet prices. things already reduced, you can get 60% off of that. that's online or at the outlet stores. pottery barn has 70% off select items. that's expensive stuff over at pottery barn. and you can get almost 70% off furniture. >> that's fantastic. we also love makeup products. there's great bargains out there. >> at, 20% off your entire purchase. and bliss spa. everybody loves bliss. they're on the pricier side. now, you can get 20% off their sets, which are already reduced. you can get five things for the price it would cost you to get two. they're 20% off. they're reduced. they come in cute, little packs. >> are some of the deals best found online or walking into the store? >> a lot of the deals -- let's start online. the inventory is bigger. you're not going to be
7:43 am
disappointed. but definitely go -- if you're a person who likes a smaller boutique, go to the store. the thing is, right now, it's not just labor day. we're excited to celebrate labor day. but it's the end of the summer. people are trying to move that inventory. but summer clothes can be worn all year. just layer them. so, get in on the bargain. >> walk into the stores. i think dan and ron would walk into a electronics store before they walk into a makeup store. and there's deals there to find, as well. >> i have good news. target is having their biggest tv event of the season. they're calling it an event. it's 40% off the lcd, hd-tvs, free shipping and handling. you get that for free if you spend a certain amount. and you can't beat it. now is the time. and mattresses, too. up to 50% off at macy's. these are things that you need. now is the time to buy them because you will get a huge savings. >> they are pricey.
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mattress's run up to $900 to $1,000. >> if you buy it on your macy's card, you get a year to pay it off. >> we appreciate it, lori. thanks for coming in. and coming up, erin andrews 170-mile-per-hour joyride with nascar great dale jarrett.
7:45 am
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fresh out of rehab and jail, lindsay lohan could be in trouble yet again. there are news reports that she hit a baby stroller with her maserati on thursday. but no police reports have been filed, as of yet. so, is this a case of more bad behavior from the troubled star? or just a case of overzealous
7:48 am
paparazzi blowing things out of proportion? here's mike von fremd. >> reporter: celebrity news website, radaronline, hired a cameraman to shadow lohan. he claims moments before he shot this video, her maserati clipped this baby stroller, after she failed to look both ways before turning. radaronline's cameraman claims, lindsay took the red light and hit the stroller. it wasn't super hard. but she made impact and hit them. but competing website, tmz said, the photographer who sold the video was lying. what really happened, lindsay ever-so-slightly, tapped the stroller. and pulled over to see if the child was okay. told they were fine, lohan drove off. no police reports were filed. and there are no charges pending. calls by abc news to lohan's lawyer and publicist were not
7:49 am
returned. >> she's under such a microscope that every move she makes, all of a sudden, has criminal implications. >> reporter: and career implications. hollywood is watching and waiting. she reportedly has just hired the same manager who helped salvage britney spears' career three years ago. for "good morning america," mike von fremd, abc news, los angeles. and we'll be right back with erin andrews in atlanta. [ female announcer ] the best way to tell how great you look is in your jeans. drop a jean size in two weeks with the special k challenge and enjoy a good source of fiber in many of your favorite special k products. ♪ jeans don't lie. go to to design your plan. i couldn't sleep right. next day it took forever to get going. night after night, i sat up. sprayed up.
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there are millions of nascar fans. but very few of them will ever know what it's actually like to speed around the track at nearly 200 miles per hour. but "gma" special contributor and espn correspondent, erin andrews got to find out. she is in atlanta this morning, where she will be hosting "college gameday" later this morning. erin, good morning to you. >> thank you so much. you mentioned it. big opening weekend for college football here in atlanta. tonight at the georgia dome, a big matchup between usc and lsu. down the way, at atlanta motor speedway, nascar sprint cup series is in town for a big, big race. and who better to take me around the track than nascar champ, dale jarrett. >> this is one of the fastest racetracks these guys race on. it's fun to race here. we're going to run five or six laps in the 160-mile-per-hour, 170-mile-per-hour range.
7:54 am
that's your side. you crawl in that window. >> what are you talking about? >> there's no doors. they're welded shut. >> oh, cute. thanks, guys. we have to get a picture of that. is this right? >> yeah. just put them in. slide right in. there you go. welcome. >> thanks for having me. >> where am i holding on? >> you can hold on to that roll bar. >> okay. white knuckles here. what if i grabbed the steering wheel? >> that would be a bad thing. >> just wondering. >> don't do that. you ready? >> yes, sir. >> all right. ♪ >> i love it. woo. awesome. okay. you drive. i love this. this is great.
7:55 am
can we do more? i'm kidding. i cannot thank you enough. that was amazing. i have a new-found respect for what you guys do. cool. awesome. thank you. >> you're welcome. thank you. >> forget football. i'm doing this now. i'm kidding. how fast did we go? >> about 170. >> we went 185. >> erin, you seemed like you were having fun. but were you scared? like just a little bit? >> i think the buildup of all of it frightened me. i told dale beforehand, i had just had a bagel with strawberry cream cheese. hazel nut coffee with cream and sugar. once i got in the car. i noticed my voice right there. i sounded like a 10-year-old. it wasn't that scary once he started driving around. a pretty smooth ride. >> erin andrews. we appreciate it. thank you. >> put your hands up. >> thank you for doing it for us.
7:56 am
you can watch the emery healthcare 500 live tomorrow night on espn at 7:00 p.m. that's going to do it for "gma" on this saturday morning. >> it was a good show. >> absolutely. i enjoyed it. maybe i'll come back tomorrow. >> please do. >> i'll do my best. >> have a great day. >> and abc news will be covering the news throughout today, until tomorrow morning. i'm dan harris. thank you very much for joining us. >> good morning, it's 7:56, i'm kathy park. taking a look at some of the top news stories, we're closely watching earl this morning, even
7:57 am
though the once category four storm has downgraded to a tropical storm, the winds briefly touched the east. the remnants of hurricane earl headed for nova scotia. and prepare for weekend delays on metro's red line. five stations will be shut down labor day weekend. silver spring, forest glen wheaton and glen monte stations are 5u8 closed. they comply with ntsb recommendations stemming from last year's fatal crash. they will be replacing a track switch. metro will provide shuttle bus service. the stations will reopen early tuesday, in time for the morning rush. let's head over to dave for your morning forecast. >> good morning. this labor day weekend will be no sweat. literally. because look at the dew points this morning.
7:58 am
at reagan national airport, as low as we have seen in months. winds gusting up to 26 miles an hour. delightful day on tap. on our storm scans, there goes earl headed towards nova scotia. winds will not be affecting us except the beaches rip tides and high surf continue. look for the cold front coming our way. high temperature today 80. mid 80's on monday. doesn't get any better. >> thanks david. we hope you have a great morning. 0
7:59 am

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